4 Steps to Handling Vaginismus You Can Do

, – Vaginismus is a condition that causes the muscles of the vagina or vagina to “refuse” sexual activity. This condition is characterized by tightening the muscles around the vagina when penetration is about to be carried out. Even so, vaginismus does not affect sexual arousal but can hinder sexual intercourse.

Most vaginismus occurs due to a person’s mental condition, such as fear, trauma, and stress before sexual intercourse. But generally, this condition will be resolved if the cause, namely fear or stress, has been resolved. Forcing penetration in the middle of a vaginismus condition can trigger pain, difficulty engaging in sexual activity, and feeling dissatisfied. This condition is very common and can occur in every woman.

6 Symptoms of Vaginismus to Watch Out For

Symptoms that appear as signs of this disease can vary and differ from one person to another, depending on the severity of the vaginismus that occurs. This disease can be characterized by pain during penetration, vaginal pain or tightening, difficulty penetrating, pain when inserting a tampon, and muscle spasms or stopping breathing when trying to penetrate.

Apart from mental problems, there are several other factors that can also cause this disease. Vaginismus can occur due to certain medical conditions, recent labor, age factors, history of violence, to the side effects of taking certain drugs. To diagnose this condition, usually begins with a physical examination and history, especially those related to sex.

A physical examination is performed to detect spasms in the vaginismus, which can be used to confirm vaginismus disease. There are various types of treatments that can be chosen to treat this condition, ranging from vaginal relaxation therapy, emotional therapy, and surgery.

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor control exercises and vaginal exercises. This method is done to relieve pain slowly, thus helping to overcome vaginismus. Meanwhile, in more severe conditions, surgery may be needed. This method is done to widen the vagina, but can only be done in certain conditions.

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Apart from treatment, vaginismus can also be treated with a few tips, namely:

1. Adjust Position

As is well known, vaginismus is a condition that causes a woman to have difficulty accepting penetration. It could be, it happened because of the wrong position in having sex. Now, if that’s the case, you can try to ask your partner to change positions to make it more precise and comfortable.

2. Do Foreplay

Foreplay, aka warming up, can help make intercourse feel more comfortable and easier. If you have problems with vaginismus or have difficulty accepting penetration, try to do longer foreplay to stimulate natural lubricants in Miss V.

3. Use Lubricants

It could be that the pain that occurs during penetration occurs because Miss V doesn’t have enough lubricant. If foreplay doesn’t help much, you and your partner can try to use additional lubricants, which can make intercourse feel more comfortable.

4. Convey Feelings

As is known, vaginismus occurs because there is tension in the Miss V muscles. Therefore, try to convey what you feel and ask your partner not to force penetration.

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