6 Symptoms of Vaginismus to Watch Out For

, - Not only men who often experience sexual disorders, it turns out that women too, you know. Vaginismus is a common sexual disorder in women. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles around the vagina tighten by itself during sexual penetration.

This disorder does not affect a woman’s sexual arousal, but of course will hinder sexual intercourse. Apart from tightening vaginal discharge, there are still other symptoms of vaginismus that you need to be aware of. Come on, see more here.

Vaginismus is a sexual disorder that can occur in women of any age. These sexual disorders can last for life (primary) or only temporarily (secondary).

Vaginismus can cause symptoms that vary, depending on the severity. In general, the symptoms of vaginismus include:

  1. Painful penetration (dyspareunia) due to vaginal tightening.

  2. Difficulty or even unable to penetrate.

  3. Long-term sexual pain with or for no apparent reason.

  4. Pain when inserting a tampon .

  5. Pain during gynecological examination.

  6. Experiencing muscle spasms or stops breathing while trying to penetrate.

The symptoms of vaginismus, of course, can make women feel very uncomfortable during intercourse, even unable to get sexual satisfaction. Therefore, if you experience the symptoms above, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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Causes of Vaginismus

Until now, the cause of vaginismus is still not known with certainty. However, there are a number of physical and non-physical (mental) factors that are thought to play a role in the occurrence of this disorder. In serious cases, vaginismus can be caused by a combination of these two factors.

The causes of non-physical vaginismus include:

  • There is fear of having sex, such as fear of pregnancy or fear of illness.

  • Are feeling restless or stressed.

  • There are issues with your partner, such as violence, distrust, distanced relationships, and so on.

  • Have experienced a traumatic event, such as rape or violence.

  • Childhood experiences, such as parenting or exposure to sexual images.

Physical vaginismus causes include:

  • Have certain medical conditions

  • Impact after delivery

  • Age-related physical changes

  • Trauma to the pelvis

  • Side effects of drugs.

In other words, women who have experienced sexual violence or trauma, have problems with their partners, fear of pregnancy, and are traumatized by a painful first intercourse are at high risk of developing vaginismus.

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How to Overcome Vaginismus

How to deal with vaginismus in each person can vary, depending on the cause. But the good news is, most vaginismus can be cured. Usually, vaginismus can be overcome by doing vaginal relaxation therapy, emotional therapy, and surgery.

In cases of vaginismus that are caused by medical conditions, treating the underlying cause is the most effective way to treat the sexual disorder. The person can also change medications that are known to cause lubrication problems, which can minimize the risk of developing vaginismus. For women who have experienced menopause, lubrication problems are often experienced due to low levels of estrogen. Well, this condition can be treated by applying topical estrogen directly on Miss V.

In addition, doing Kegel exercises and vaginal exercises can also relieve pain during intercourse, thereby helping to overcome vaginismus. Kegel exercises include contraction and relaxation activities that can improve pelvic floor muscle control . Meanwhile, Miss V training aims to help you get used to the objects that go into Miss V.

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Another vaginismus treatment option is surgery to widen the vagina. This method can be done in certain situations. For example, in women who have had surgery that causes scar tissue that limits the vagina, such as an episiotomy during labor. In such cases, a small operation can be performed to help remove the wound tissue, by carefully cutting the wound tissue and suturing it back.

Well, those are the symptoms of vaginismus that women should be aware of. You can also use the app to talk about sexual health problems that you are experiencing and ask for health advice. No need to be embarrassed, you can contact the doctor via the Talk to A Doctor feature and talk via Video / Voice Call and Chat anytime and anywhere. Come on, download the application now on the App Store and Google Play.