Coughing up Blood

7 Ways to Relieve Coughing Blood

Have you ever had coughing up blood? Coughing up blood is a symptom that can result from a number of conditions. If coughing up blood is experienced by young people who have a good medical history, it is usually not a sign of a serious illness. However, if those who experience it are elderly people or are known to have a smoking habit, it is possible that coughing up blood is a symptom of a serious illness.

The characteristics of blood in cases of coughing up blood can vary, some are pink, bright red, some have a foamy texture, or even mix with mucus. A bloody cough can occur for a number of causes. But whatever the cause, you can still find ways to treat a bloody cough naturally and will relieve a bloody cough effectively without dangerous side effects.

1. Using Honey

Original and pure honey will really help in increasing your endurance. Honey also plays a very important role in curing coughs, be it dry, wet, or even bleeding. You can count on its antibacterial properties and it will speed up your recovery. You only need to consume 1 tablespoon of honey 3 times a day.

2. Drinking Water

So many benefits of water. The danger of dehydration can target people who rarely drink water every day. If this bloody cough is caused by lung health problems, this is a sign that the lungs may have thick mucus. So that these fluids can be more dilute, drinking lots of water is the solution. Drink 8 -12 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated.

3. Get Adequate Rest

Adequate rest will quickly restore a person’s condition regardless of the disease. Coughing up blood is a condition that requires you to get lots of rest and get enough quality sleep or even a little more. When sleeping or resting, it’s time for the body to repair tissue cells that are being disturbed.

4. Warms the Body

A cough that is accompanied by blood may come from an infection in the lungs, such as pneumonia. So it would be better if you keep your body warm and stay away from cold temperatures. Always provide blankets, socks, and thick clothes to help you stay warm so you don’t easily cough again.

5. Eating Ginger

Another way to warm the body from the inside is by consuming ginger. You can drink half a teaspoon of ginger juice or juice, which can then be added with a teaspoon of pure honey. Mix these two ingredients, then you can drink it regularly 2-3 times a day.

6. Drink warm milk

Milk with calcium content is often a solution for those who want to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. However, it turns out that a glass of warm milk can also be a potent remedy for those of you who have coughing up blood. Consume milk 2 times a day, because this will be effective in relieving dryness and irritation of your respiratory tract and throat.

7. No Smoking

This is a habit that can damage lung health and cough up blood. When you have a bloody cough, it is a sign that you have to stop smoking, or the cough will be in worse condition. Not smoking or staying away from these habits is known to strengthen the immune system of people with coughing up blood. Especially if coughing up blood occurs because of lung irritation. Therefore, you should quit smoking to reduce this irritation.