Heel Pain

Can Excessive Exercise Cause Heel Pain?

- Should not underestimate the condition of heel pain that is experienced for days. Heel pain occurs when a person experiences pain in the heel area when doing activities, such as walking or standing. Generally, a person who experiences heel pain only experiences pain on one side of the heel and is rarely experienced with both feet.

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There are several conditions that cause a person to experience heel pain, such as being overweight, joint disorders, and nervous disorders. Then, whether excessive exercise can increase a person’s risk of experiencing heel pain? Here is the review.

Is it true that exercise causes heel pain?

Exercise is a way that can be done to maintain health. However, overdoing it in exercising can cause several adverse health effects. Excessive exercise can cause a person to experience plantar fasciitis. Reporting from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence , plantar fasciitis accounts for about 80 percent of heel pain conditions experienced by people with heel pain.

Plantar fasciitis is a disease that occurs in the tissue that connects the heel to the toes. This network has a function to dampen vibrations, support the soles of the feet, and help a person to walk. Generally, plantar fasciitis occurs when a person does physical activity or sports that put a lot of pressure on the heel area, such as long distance running, aerobics, or ballet.

Not only that, sports that perform repeated jumping movements also increase a person’s risk of experiencing heel pain conditions. Apart from plantar fasciitis, heel pain can also result from bruising the heel area. The bruise on the heel results from repeated impacts on the heel. Use comfortable footwear when going to exercise to avoid bruising the heel area.

Apart from exercise, there are several other conditions that cause heel pain, such as calcification of the heels that occurs due to recurring plantar fasciitis. Reporting from Medical News Today , tarsal tunnel syndrome also increases the risk of heel pain. Tears that occur in the tendons, systemic joint inflammation, impaired posture when walking, and gout can be other causes of heel pain.

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Do This to Treat Heel Pain

Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic , there are several ways you can treat heel pain, such as:

1. Take a break

If the heel pain you experience is caused by repetitive movement or exercise, you can do this by resting the part of the foot that is experiencing heel pain. It doesn’t hurt to try to stretch the area of the foot to optimize the action taken with heel pain.

2. Use Comfortable Footwear

Choose comfortable footwear when doing activities or sports. Choosing the right and comfortable footwear can prevent you from inflammation of the tissue around the feet.

3. Compress Feet

Compressing the feet with cold water or ice can be used to relieve heel pain that is felt. Compress the area of the leg that is experiencing pain for 5-15 minutes 3 times a day.

Obesity people are prone to heel pain, is it true?

That’s the way you can do to deal with heel pain. Don’t forget to adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy eating in order to have an ideal body weight. Don’t forget to always stretch or warm up before doing sports.

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