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Exercise Can Make Skin Healthy, This is the reason

, – It’s no secret that exercise can help maintain a person’s heart, lungs, and mental health. But, did you know that exercise can also promote healthy skin? The skin is the largest organ of your body and its health can be affected by many habits and lifestyle choices, including exercise. Just as exercise helps […]


Here's How to Increase Immunity in Pregnant Women

, – Getting sick during pregnancy must be a very unpleasant thing. The reason is, being sick during pregnancy makes mothers have additional concerns about the health of the baby. In addition, the mother’s immune system during pregnancy is naturally reduced to accommodate the growing baby. Fortunately, most babies will not be affected if the […]

Pancreatic Cancer

Diabetes Allegedly Can Trigger Pancreatic Cancer

, – There are still few people or rarely know that there is a link between diabetes and pancreatic cancer. In fact, these two conditions can also occur simultaneously. Diabetes is a chronic condition that is difficult to cure when it gets worse. On the other hand, pancreatic cancer is also one of the most […]

Diet and Nutrition

The Ornish Diet is Effective for Lose Weight and Healthy Heart

, – Now there are a variety of popular diets that many people try to get a healthier body. There are many reasons a person goes on a diet, but generally their goal is to get the ideal body shape and a healthier body. So, the question is what diet can you try as a […]

Gastric Acid Disease

Benefits of Honey to Overcome Gastric Acid Disease

, – Honey has long been known to have properties for health. This is due to the nutritional content, vitamins and minerals that meet daily needs. High-quality honey contains many important antioxidants, including organic acids and phenolic compounds such as flavonoids. Antioxidants have been linked to a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, and some […]

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Excessive Exercise Can Make Insomnia, This Is The Reason

, – Sports is an activity that has many health benefits. Starting from maintaining body weight, to helping the body’s metabolism remain optimal can be felt as a positive impact of regular exercise. However, you should do good exercise preparation so as not to cause side effects. Here are 5 Effects of Sports Too Heavy […]


Excessive Exercise Can Trigger Hematuria?

– Sports is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. However, if done to excess, exercise can cause health problems, you know. One of them is hematuria or bloody urine. Usually, long-distance runners are prone to this condition, which is sometimes called jogger’s hematuria . Hematuria occurs when there is blood in the urine, which indicates a […]

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Here's How Fruits and Vegetables Affect Immunity

, – Fruits and vegetables must be a component in your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are natural foods and anything that is natural is definitely good for health. Apart from being natural, the other main reason that you need to eat these foods is their vitamin and mineral content. It is the vitamins and […]

Diabetes Diet and Nutrition Gout

Diabetes and gout both need to adjust the diet

 , – As we get older, it cannot be denied that some diseases will easily come. Usually, these diseases are the accumulation of a poor diet, although other lifestyles can also affect them too. Diseases that are thought to occur due to a poor diet are diabetes and gout. If diabetes occurs due to eating […]

Mental health Stress

Adaptogen Herbs Can Help Healthy Mental, Really?

, – During a pandemic, many people experience stress , anxiety and frustration due to problems, uncertainties, and challenges that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. That is the importance of maintaining mental health in times like today. There are many ways you can do to maintain mental health. Apart from doing positive […]