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Child Abuse is Fatal to Health

, - The child abuse case again happened to a boy with the initials YM in Depok. It is known that this child had to undergo intensive care at the hospital due to injuries from the torture by his own caretaker TN (19). The persecution took place at YM’s own home while her parents were […]

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Decreased Appetite for Children, Caution with Kencur?

, - Kencur is an herbal plant that has a distinctive aroma. This type of spice has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Can kencur increase children’s appetite which is decreasing? Content of Kencur which is Beneficial for Health Kencur can increase children’s appetite, really? A child who does not have an appetite […]

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Botulism Can Occur in Infants, Parents Must Know

Botulism is a serious poisoning caused by Clostridium Botulinum type bacteria . This condition will disrupt the nervous system such as the brain , spine, and other nerves, causing muscle paralysis. Although quite rare, botulism can also affect babies and can have quite dangerous effects, causing muscle weakness and breathing problems. Botulism in infants can […]