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Decreased Appetite for Children, Caution with Kencur?

, - Kencur is an herbal plant that has a distinctive aroma. This type of spice has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Can kencur increase children’s appetite which is decreasing? Content of Kencur which is Beneficial for Health Kencur can increase children’s appetite, really? A child who does not have an appetite […]

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Although Similar, This Is The Difference Between Turmeric And Temulawak

, - Although both are included in herbal plants, turmeric and ginger are not the same. Both of these plants have their respective benefits for health. So what are the differences in content and benefits? Turmeric is a herbal plant that has many health benefits. This plant, which is often used as a kitchen spice, […]

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Often used to cook, what are the benefits of turmeric for health?

, - Indonesian culinary is known to be rich in spices and seasonings that make it taste better. It is not surprising that some authentic Indonesian culinary delights are always on the list of the tastiest foods in the world. One of the spices that make Indonesian food more delicious and which is used quite […]

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6 Benefits of Honey for Children

Honey is a liquid that contains sugar in beehives. Honey itself is produced from the nectar of flowers that are in bloom and then sucked by bees and fermented. The bee that produces the best quality honey is Apis dosarta which is an Asian bee. Honey itself has a sweet taste so it is liked […]

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3 Benefits of Honey for Reproductive Health

Honey does have a myriad of health benefits, from heart health to reproduction. However, not all types of honey can have the same effect, many packaged honey is mixed with sugar. Honey that has the greatest benefit is raw honey . Pure honey itself is honey that has not been filtered, heated, and pasteurized. Pure […]