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Decreased Appetite for Children, Caution with Kencur?

, - Kencur is an herbal plant that has a distinctive aroma. This type of spice has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Can kencur increase children’s appetite which is decreasing? Content of Kencur which is Beneficial for Health Kencur can increase children’s appetite, really? A child who does not have an appetite […]

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Although Similar, This Is The Difference Between Turmeric And Temulawak

, - Although both are included in herbal plants, turmeric and ginger are not the same. Both of these plants have their respective benefits for health. So what are the differences in content and benefits? Turmeric is a herbal plant that has many health benefits. This plant, which is often used as a kitchen spice, […]

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Red Ginger Can Increase Sexual Desire, This Is A Fact

, - Red ginger is one of the herbs that is known to have many benefits for the body. This herbal plant is also known to have a strong and stinging taste. You can use it as a concoction or spice in the kitchen to add warmth to dishes. Red ginger is still in the […]

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Nutmeg Can Overcome Insomnia, Myth or Fact?

, - Not only used as a spice in cooking, nutmeg can also be a herbal medicine used to treat insomnia . The combination is by mixing warm milk with nutmeg. Its properties are quite effective and really soothing. If someone consumes nutmeg at 10 in the evening, the effects can last until morning. The […]