Cholesterol Fasting

Cholesterol rises during fasting, these are 5 causes

, - When entering the month of Ramadan, there are not a few people whose diet tends to change, both from portion to intake. Well, this is what can affect the health of the body later. If a diet that was applied to a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet would not be a problem. However, […]

Fasting Healthy drink

Drinking honey at suhoor, these are the benefits

- Sahur is an important activity during fasting. If sahur is carried out well, fasting will also go well. However, if your sakur does not meet your nutritional and water needs, fasting can be disrupted. In order for your sahur to be more optimal and complete until it’s time to break the fast, you should […]

Fasting Gastric pains

Iftar with honey is suitable for people with stomach ulcers

- There are various ways for people with ulcers to be able to fasting smoothly. The most effective way is of course by adopting a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the food intake that enters the body. Now, regarding ulcers and fasting, there is one interesting thing that we can consider. Apparently, honey can […]

Coronavirus Fasting Healthy life Sports

Good Exercise During Fasting Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

, - During fasting, of course you do not get food or drink intake like normal days. Therefore, not a few people are lazy to exercise, especially in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic like this. Many think that exercising can make the body weak during fasting. In fact, fasting actually makes the body fresher […]