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Here's How Fruits and Vegetables Affect Immunity

, - Fruits and vegetables must be a component in your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are natural foods and anything that is natural is definitely good for health. Apart from being natural, the other main reason that you need to eat these foods is their vitamin and mineral content. It is the vitamins and […]

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Keep Your Heart Healthy with These 8 Foods

, - The heart is one of the vital organs that works endlessly. This organ plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support a person’s survival. It should be if heart health is well maintained. 7 Best Fruits for a Healthy Heart Maintaining the health of this one organ you can […]

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Honey Can Relieve Stomach Acid Symptoms, Really?

, - Have you ever felt symptoms as if stomach acid went up into the esophagus right after eating? This symptom is a sign that you are experiencing reflux of stomach acid or symptoms of acid reflux. This disease is common, and causes discomfort. When someone feels that a doctor’s prescription does not give significant […]

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2 Herbal Substitutes for Sugar & Salt That You Should Try

- Excessive sugar and salt can have a negative impact on the body. You are also most likely to get heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and many more. So far, foods with sugar content are more of a concern because they are said to be the cause of rising blood sugar. But actually, […]