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Exercise Can Make Skin Healthy, This is the reason

, - It’s no secret that exercise can help maintain a person’s heart, lungs, and mental health. But, did you know that exercise can also promote healthy skin?

The skin is the largest organ of your body and its health can be affected by many habits and lifestyle choices, including exercise. Just as exercise helps maintain the health of organs in your body, such as your heart, this physical activity can also strengthen your skin’s ability to fight aging and various other types of damage.

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Here are the benefits of exercise for skin health:

  • Makes Skin Healthier

According to Ellen Marmur, MD, dermatologist and author of Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin , any activity that promotes healthy blood circulation helps to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Exercise improves skin health by increasing heart rate and blood circulation. This increased circulation dilates blood vessels which carry more nutrients and oxygen to support skin cells.

Not only does it carry oxygen and nutrients, good circulation helps flush out toxic substances, free radicals, and cell byproducts from the body. Although there are claims that the work of neutralizing toxins is mostly done by the liver, by increasing blood flow, exercise helps remove cellular debris from the system, so it could be thought of as the process of cleansing the skin from within.

  • Makes Skin Youthful

In fact, according to a study at McMaster University in Ontario, when your heart starts beating faster while exercising, the muscles pump out more protein that drives the skin cell mitochondria to act younger, which over time can make your skin look around 25 years younger. at the microscopic level.

In addition, exercise also helps the body control blood sugar and oxidative stress, and reduces advanced glycation end products that can age skin tissue, including important proteins such as collagen.

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  • Relieves Inflammation

Research shows that exercise in general, be it resistance training or cardio, can help reduce inflammation throughout the body by releasing anti-inflammatory proteins while reducing stress hormones.

According to Shape Brain Trust member Elizabeth K. Hale, MD, a dermatologist in New York City, inflammation is a major source of aging skin, so anything that can fight it, such as exercise, can protect collagen and help skin age better.

Inflammation and stress are also known to trigger and worsen acne and eczema, as well as damage the skin barrier, making it more dry and sensitive. Well, with exercise, this skin condition can improve.

If you have a sore or rash, being active can also regulate the skin’s inflammatory response, so it doesn’t keep red and inflamed. A study from Ohio State University, for example, reported that skin wounds healed an average of 9 days faster in those who exercised regularly than in those who were inactive.

  • Helps Clean Skin

Sweating while exercising can also help clean pores, as long as you make sure to clean your skin before exercising and remove anything that could potentially clog pores, such as makeup.

Also, remember to shower and change into clean clothes immediately after exercising. The sweat doesn’t cause pimples but if you don’t shower right away and keep wearing tight and sweaty clothes, the natural bacteria and fungus on the skin can start to ferment and clog or irritate your pores, causing tiny red bumps.

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Well, that’s the reason why exercise can make skin healthy. If you want to exercise outdoors, remember to use sunscreen to avoid sun exposure that can damage your skin.

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