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Epididymitis in Men, Can it Cause Infertility?

, - Epididymitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the epididymis, which is a number of small tubes that function to collect and store sperm. It is attached to the back of each testicle. A common symptom when someone has epididymitis is pain in the scrotum. Generally, this is caused by infection. Epididymitis is […]

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4 Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men You Need to Know About

, - Intercourse without a condom, especially if you are changing partners, will increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know about the following 4 sexually transmitted diseases that commonly attack men? 1. Gonorrhea The disease, also known as ‘gonorrhea’, is caused by gonococcal bacteria. Among the many sexually transmitted diseases in […]