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How to Prevent Children from Becoming Sexual Violators

, - Recently a viral video of a high school student in North Sulawesi was circulating who was being bullied and also being groped by a group of high school students . In the video, the high school student is held and groped by several students and some students. According to health data published by […]

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Awkward with parents, who to ask about sex?

, - As they enter their teens , they will become curious about many things. Especially when they start to enter puberty , their physical characteristics will change and they will be curious about what is happening to them. Not only that, their curiosity about sexual function also arises. But unfortunately, teenagers often leave various […]

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Beware of pedophilia, this is the importance of sex education for children

, - When the child grows older, you have to teach him many things as a parent. Starting from how to count, how to empathize, to education about sex . Indeed, teaching children sex from an early age is always considered taboo in Indonesia even though it is considered important. Good parents must teach everything […]

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4 Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

- Although many are still considered taboo, reproductive health needs to be taught to children from an early age. Its purpose is to prevent and protect children from sexual abuse who are vulnerable to stalking them. This is because, during the beginning of 2018 until the end of February 2018, the number of children who […]