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4 Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Can Still Be Cured

, - Sexually transmitted diseases can occur because of transmission of bacteria, parasites, or viruses. Most sexually transmitted diseases affect the health of both men and women, but affect women most severely. Especially when a woman is pregnant. Use of latex condoms can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases . but can not completely […]

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4 Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men You Need to Know About

, - Intercourse without a condom, especially if you are changing partners, will increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know about the following 4 sexually transmitted diseases that commonly attack men? 1. Gonorrhea The disease, also known as ‘gonorrhea’, is caused by gonococcal bacteria. Among the many sexually transmitted diseases in […]

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4 Facts About Syphilis Transmitted from Intimate Relationships

- Syphilis or many call it the lion king, has actually been a global health problem for centuries. According to experts, if not treated quickly and appropriately, this disease can cause paralysis and damage to internal organs. Well, here are the facts about syphilis that you need to know: 1. Not Just Intimate Relationships   […]

Sex Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs Syphilis

Make no mistake, syphilis is not only transmitted through sexual contact

- Want to know how many people suffer from sexual diseases globally? Don’t be surprised, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), every day around one million people contract this disease. Worse yet, approximately 357 million people in the world suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. So many, right? Remember, sexually transmitted diseases are […]