Heart palpitations when waking up, is it dangerous?

, – Have you ever experienced heart palpitations when you wake up? There are several conditions that are the reason why the heart beats faster when you wake up. Health experts usually associate this pounding heart when you wake up with sleep apnea .

Sleep apne a is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is disturbed during sleep. People who have sleep apnea without treatment usually have several times to stop breathing, which prevents the brain and body from getting enough oxygen. This condition causes the heart to flutter when you wake up which is usually accompanied by feeling tired, even though you just woke up.

Sleep apnea is usually experienced by men who are overweight, over 40 years old, have a large neck size, have large tonsils, have a family history of the same condition, have gastroesophageal reflux problems , have allergies, or sinus problems.  Headache a Sign of a Brain Tumor?

Sleep apnea is not the only cause of palpitations. There are several other conditions that make the heart flutter. Stress and nervousness can cause heart palpitations when you wake up.

Stress and nervousness will make the heart beat faster, because adrenaline keeps the heart racing even in a resting state. If allowed to continue, it is likely that you will experience more severe sleep disorders and metabolic disorders.

Managing stress can be an effort to stabilize a pounding heart. Some other conditions that make the heart race faster when you wake up are waking up due to nightmares, sleepwalking, and other psychological conditions.

Other Factors Cause Heart Palpitations

Health problems experienced in the heart can create an instability in the heart rhythm, one of which is beating faster than usual. Some of these health problems are Atrial Fibrillation . This condition occurs because the electrical conductivity of the heart is impaired, so that the atria fail to supply blood to the ventricles. Usually when you have atrial fibrillation, the heartbeat is accompanied by pain in the chest.

Hormonal changes are usually closely related to heart palpitations when you wake up. Generally, these hormonal changes occur in women during menstrual periods, pregnancy, or menopause. This condition is normal. You only need to adjust your eating habits and exercise patterns when you experience a pounding heart due to hormonal changes.  Be careful using moisturizer after bathing

The consumption of certain drugs can also affect the normal heart rate. Try to observe your drug consumption patterns, including diet drugs. It could be that the incompatibility of drug consumption makes the heart beat faster.

Consumption of food and drinks before bed can explain why the heart beats when you wake up. Usually, coffee and alcohol are types of drinks that can greatly affect the rhythm of the heart. For food, foods that are too sweet or salty, canned food, and fast food can affect heart rate. Especially if it turns out that you do have heart health problems before.

The foods mentioned above are not good for consumption before bed which can lead to constriction of blood vessels. In the end, this condition can slow blood circulation to the heart and make the heart pump faster.

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