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High Cholesterol, Should You Stop Eating Seafood?

, - Seafood is one food that is loved by many people because it tastes delicious and is also said to be rich in good nutrients. Foods such as shrimp and crab are very indulgent when eaten and have a high cholesterol content . However, should people who have high cholesterol not eat these foods?

In fact, cholesterol is not completely bad, it is needed by the body. However, cholesterol intake really must be limited per day so that it doesn’t accumulate in the body which can cause buildup in blood vessels. Then, should people with high cholesterol stop eating seafood ? Here’s the complete discussion!

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People with High Cholesterol Consumption of Seafood, Know This

Cholesterol levels that are too high in the body can cause many health problems, some of which are dangerous. A person who experiences this can develop atherosclerosis , which is a buildup of cholesterol levels in the blood vessels. This can interfere with blood flow, causing blockages. If it occurs in important organs, death may occur.

Then, should someone who has high cholesterol stop eating seafood ? In fact, seafood contains many nutrients that nourish the body. Many people are confused about what to do, especially if they live in an offshore area where the available food is most likely from the sea.

Apparently, after several studies related to the cholesterol content in seafood , the substances in it did not cause anything bad. Even though you have to limit your consumption, most of the unsaturated fatty acids in seafood are considered good for heart health, which prevents heart attacks.

It is very important to limit your consumption of seafood if the cholesterol content in your body is high. The recommended consumption limit is 300 milligrams. In addition, cholesterol levels found in seafood are the good types. By consuming adequate amounts, the risks of dangerous diseases can be prevented because they can reduce LDL levels in the blood.

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How to prevent seafood from causing dangerous distractions

The widespread health benefits associated with reducing the risk of heart problems make many people prefer to eat fish every day. However, consumption of fish can also pose certain risks due to exposure to mercury contained in the body due to environmental problems.

A person who is exposed to mercury can experience a disturbance in their nervous system which is quite sensitive. The development of the nervous system in fetuses and babies can also be affected if the mother eats too much fish containing mercury. The nervous system damage that occurs can be very dangerous, especially if you exceed the limit of consumption per day.

In addition, another thing that must be considered in consuming seafood is how to cook it. Consuming these foods by frying them will provide more trans fat levels in the body. As a result, an increase in bad cholesterol levels occurs. The best way of processing is to bake, boil, until steamed.

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Therefore, it is important to pay attention to seafood consumption so that cholesterol levels in the body are not too high. By limiting consumption per day, it is hoped that the body’s health will be maintained. So, only the benefits are felt compared to the bad effects that strike.

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