October 20, 2021

Is it true that penis cancer is triggered by prostate cancer?

Not a few men tend to ignore urinary problems and feelings of fatigue that seem endless. In fact, this symptom is often considered a common disease. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Any unusual symptoms in the body need attention. The reason is, the problem of urinating and prolonged body fatigue should not be underestimated, because both indicate symptoms of penile cancer and prostate cancer .

Not only related to age, because both prostate cancer and penile cancer can occur and affect all men, although it is more common in young adults and the elderly. Especially with unhealthy habits or lifestyles that further increase the risk of these two types of cancer.

Is it true that prostate cancer triggers penis cancer?

You need to know, prostate cancer is in the third position after lung cancer and colon cancer, which is the most common male. Prostate cancer attacks the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. However, is it true that prostate cancer triggers penile cancer?

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In fact, prostate cancer and penile cancer are two different types of cancer. In the early stages, prostate cancer tends to occur without symptoms. If it is at an advanced stage, symptoms begin to appear. Some of the common signs are urinating more frequently, and even being unable to resist the urge to urinate, as well as decreased urination. In some conditions, the sufferer may feel pain in the bones and bleed when urinating.

Prostate cancer is more common in people with a family history of the same disease, aka hereditary disease. In someone who is obese, get used to eating patterns that are not awake, active smokers, and suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. If a vasectomy has been done to stop the fertile period, prostate cancer is very vulnerable to occur.

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Meanwhile, penile cancer is less common. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t vigilant, huh. As with cervical cancer in women, penile cancer is associated with infection with the HPV virus. The symptoms are not the same as prostate cancer, namely the presence of a lump, rash, or blisters that do not heal, and bleeding from the penis. This disease is more at risk in men who have sex freely or frequently change partners.

Actually, cancer can be overcome if early detection is done. Unfortunately, not a few men choose to delay treatment even though the symptoms have started, so that often the disease progresses to become more severe and treatment is carried out too late. So, so that you avoid complications that may occur, have your health condition checked as early as possible if you already feel the symptoms. Just make an appointment with a doctor at whichever hospital is closest, so that treatment can be done immediately.

You can also, take precautions to avoid the dangers of prostate cancer and penile cancer. Of course, by getting used to a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding smoking, having a diet with nutritious food consumption, and taking the time to exercise . Always keep the penis clean to avoid the risk of penile cancer. Also avoid having sex by changing partners or using protection every time you have sex.