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Keep Your Heart Healthy with These 8 Foods

, - The heart is one of the vital organs that works endlessly. This organ plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support a person’s survival. It should be if heart health is well maintained.

7 Best Fruits for a Healthy Heart

Maintaining the health of this one organ you can do with a few simple steps, such as exercising, not smoking, and maintaining an ideal body weight. However, these things still cannot fully keep your heart healthy. As a support, you can eat some of the foods below to improve your heart health:

1. Consume Omega-3

You can get omega-3 content from tuna. To get more omega-3 content, you can eat white tuna. How to enjoy this tuna can be grilled with a mixture of a little lemon. Besides tuna, you can also get omega-3 content in mackerel or sardines.

2. Consumption of Salmon

Omega-3 in salmon is not in doubt. This fish is the best food you can consume to maintain heart health. For maximum results, in one week you can eat two servings of salmon. You can eat this fish by grilling it, mixed with spices and vegetables.

3. Consumption of Citrus Fruits

Oranges contain pectin fiber which can fight cholesterol. This fruit also contains potassium which helps control blood pressure. You can consume two cups of warm oranges every day to improve blood vessel health and lower blood pressure to keep your heart healthy.

Consumption of 7 Foods for a Healthy Heart

4. Consumption of Tofu

Tofu contains a large amount of vegetarian protein. This content is rich in minerals, fiber, and polyunsaturated fats which are useful for your heart health.

5. Consume Oatmeal

You can consume oatmeal as the main food. These foods can help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Fiber in oatmeal can also nourish the heart and reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body.

6. Consume Yogurt with Low Fat Content

You can choose low-fat yogurt to keep your heart healthy. The content in this yogurt will help the body in controlling high blood pressure. In addition, yogurt is rich in potassium and calcium, which are good for your bone health.

7. Consume Blueberries

This fruit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and anthocyanins that are good for blood vessels. This fruit also has a lot of fiber which is useful for your digestion. So, there is nothing to lose if you eat this one fruit every day.

8. Consume Almonds

Almonds contain plant sterols, fiber, and fats that are good for heart health. These nuts can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body. For maximum results, you can consume almonds as much as one handful a day.

5 Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Heart

To maintain heart health, you can start by getting used to a healthy lifestyle. Apart from eating some of the foods above, for maximum results you are also advised to manage stress well and regularly check your health so that your heart health is maintained. With this , you can make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital of your choice. Therefore,  download the application immediately!