Know the Causes of a Leaking Heart

, - A leaky heart is a term used when someone has a heart valve abnormality or a blockage in the heart. In adults, this condition occurs because one of the valves cannot close properly.

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Whereas in infants and children, heart valve abnormalities can be caused by a hole between the walls in the left and right chambers of the heart that does not close completely. Know what causes this condition to avoid more serious complications!

These are the symptoms that appear in people with a leaky heart

A leaky heart can be characterized by symptoms, such as:

  • Easy to feel tired and pass out. This is due to the lack of clean blood supply to the heart which is caused by a mixture of clean blood and dirty blood due to leaky insulation.
  • Heart murmur , which is a condition when the heart has a blowing, wheezing, or hoarse sound that appears when blood moves through the heart or blood vessels around the heart.
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain often. This happens because of the mixing of dirty blood containing carbon dioxide and clean blood containing oxygen. Dirty blood will affect clean blood flow causing shortness of breath.
  • Swelling of the organs around the heart due to the accumulation of many dirty substances.
  • Frequent urination .
  • High levels of hemoglobin . Normally, the Hb level in the body is 13.0-15.0. However, in people with a leaky heart, this figure will increase to 20.0.

In the case of a leaky heart, the heart cannot function normally due to a mixture of dirty blood and clean blood due to damage to the chambers of the heart.

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Know the Causes of a Leaking Heart

It is not yet known what causes the exact cause of a leaky heart. However, there are several factors that can trigger this condition, including:

  • Genetic Abnormalities

A child born with a genetic disorder often has a congenital heart defect. In addition, the role of the family also determines the occurrence of this condition. If a parent has a congenital heart defect, it is possible that the child will suffer from the same health condition.

  • Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnant women who have a smoking habit during pregnancy can also cause congenital heart disease for their little one, one of which is a leaky heart.

If it is clear what is the cause of a leaky heart, then you can do an examination by doing an X-ray of the chest. After that, proceed with an examination with an electrocardiogram (EKG) .

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Experiencing a Leaking Heart, This Is a Must-Do

After doing examinations and X-rays, the healing process cannot just be undertaken before the baby is three months old. Doctors will usually carry out further tests before deciding how to treat a leaky heart. Several considerations were made, including the age of the person and the person’s health condition.

After you feel you are old enough and in adequate health, the doctor will perform heart surgery or by catheterization. If the heart leak is located below, it will be difficult to do catheterization, so this method cannot be done for all people with a leaky heart.

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