Turner Syndrome

Know the Facts on Hormone Therapy to Treat Turner Syndrome

, - Turner Syndrome is a chromosome disorder that only affects women. This is related to the lack of part or all of the second sex chromosome in some or all cells. In women with this syndrome, he will have a short posture and have difficulty controlling emotions and focus. Even so, most women who suffer from this disease have normal intelligence.

Turner syndrome is also known as syndrome 45, syndrome X, Ullrich-Turner syndrome, or gonadal dysgenesis. A normal person has 46 chromosomes and two of them are sex chromosomes. In addition, women usually have two X chromosomes. However, in a person with Turner syndrome , both sex chromosomes are missing. Sometimes the entire chromosome also disappears.

About 1 in 2,500 girls are born with Turner syndrome. Even so, this disease may cause more miscarriages in children. In someone who has Turner syndrome, the chromosome has a problem. In fact, chromosomes function to determine human behavior and physical characteristics. In addition, there are two types of Turner syndrome, namely:

  • Classic Turner Syndrome, where the X chromosome in women is completely missing. This occurs in about half of the total sufferers of the disease.

  • Mosaic Turner syndrome, where the disorder occurs only on the X chromosome of some cells in the body.

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Hormone Therapy for Turner Syndrome

Hormone therapy is believed to help treat Turner syndrome. Hormone is a chemical substance in the body that functions to control the growth and development of a person’s body. This therapy can make a person with Turner syndrome experience a height growth of several centimeters.

The following is hormone therapy for people with these chromosomal diseases:

  1. Growth Hormone Therapy

It is said that a person with Turner syndrome, his body will be shorter than most people. Growth hormone therapy can be performed on people with this disease and is generally performed on children. A child who gets hormone therapy will be taller than someone who does not. In addition, the effect of this therapy will decrease with age. Therefore, increasing the dose is necessary.

Some doctors also claim that this growth hormone therapy treatment can impact unwanted body proportions, such as enlarged feet or hands. In addition, this medication can also cause psychosocial problems due to weight problems that occur. Even so, this treatment can increase lean body mass, so that physical health can be improved.

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  1. Estrogen Replacement Therapy

One of the treatments for someone who has Turner syndrome is estrogen replacement therapy. One of the important factors of Turner syndrome is estrogen deficiency that results from ovarian dysgenesis or degeneration associated with early follicular apoptosis. Even so, ovarian abnormalities are one of the common symptoms, about 5-10 percent of women who develop spontaneous puberty and 2-7 percent experience spontaneous pregnancy.

These pregnancies tend to be at high risk for miscarriage, genetic disorders, and malformations. However, there have been reports, albeit rare, that pregnancies were successful and smooth in women with Turner syndrome. Estrogen replacement therapy is standard treatment for someone who has a deficiency in estrogen in their body.

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This therapy is ideally done when the woman is 12 years old or at the age when puberty is developing to reduce psychosocial stress. Estrogen replacement therapy should also be done with growth hormone therapy in mind. In addition, some cognitive impairment in Turner syndrome is related to estrogen function.

That’s the hormone therapy that can be done in people with Turner syndrome. If you have any questions about Turner syndrome, doctors are here to help. The trick is to download the application on the App Store and Google Play!